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  • Scarface In Runoff For Houston City Council Seat
    HOUSTON (AP) — As a member of Houston’s pioneering rap group The Geto Boyz, Brad Jordan co-wrote the early 1990s hip-hop anthem “Mind Playing Tricks on Me.” Now, the 49-year-old rapper better known as Scarface is working to ensure Houston voters that no, their minds are not playing tricks on them: He is running for […]
  • 50 Cent Slams Oprah For Only Calling Out Sexual Predators Who Are Black Males
    50 Cent has called out Oprah for her knack of putting sexual predators who are Black on blast while remaining silent on high-profile perverts who are white. On Thursday night, the rapper/actor took to Instagram to shade Oprah over her upcoming documentary that focuses on Drew Dixon—one of the women who has accused Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct, per Complex. The New York […]
  • Amazon Reportedly Drops $25M For Rights To Peter Berg’s ‘Unfiltered’ Documentary About Rihanna
    Amazon has reportedly paid $25 million for an untitled documentary about singer/cosmetics mogul Rihanna. Directed by Peter Berg, who worked with Rihanna on the 2012 sci-fi action film “Battleship,” the project was first announced back in 2017 via  The Hollywood Reporter. Berg shared details about the documentary during a THR interview. “We’ve got about a thousand hours of footage,” […]